Fractured 3

Fractured 3 Game

Fractured 3 is an interesting game in which a sad story took place, when a girl had a beautiful day with her father. Suddenly, those days disappeared and now are only memories, the past. She wishes to return to the puzzle pieces in her memory. Coming to Fractured 3, you will help her find her beautiful memories with her father.

fractured-3 game
In this role-playing game, it is a sad scene, but it also contains hope. The scene of the game screen has been broken up into many small pieces and messy arrangement with many different angles. You need to help her overcome the hardships of the mess so that she can see the silhouette of her widowed father embracing her child. The road will be very difficult but hidden in it interesting and attractive. You need to be crystal clear and clever to see the path for her, as well as help her jump through obstacles, deep holes deep.

fractured 3

When I realized the shadow of my father was broken, it was time for another screen to start and open another puzzle of the past. You need to go through all this in order to find the ultimate solution for the little girl in this hot online game.

The screen will be very difficult for you, however, they also demonstrate the ability to play your super class. Enjoy gaming and get good results.

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