Foxy Sniper – Pirate Shootout

Foxy Sniper – Pirate Shootout Game

Are you a professional gunner? Are you looking for a shooting game that can help you train your skills and prove yourself? Great! You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching. Foxy Sniper – Pirate Shootout is here and welcomes you. Here, you will have to complete many quests and destroy a certain number of enemies in each mission. You should remember that once you have got the mission, you must try your best to fight and win each level. In particular, you will fight alone with no help and teammates in battle. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and shoot down all enemies on the screen. Notice that the enemy is quite far away from you, so this can cause many difficulties for you to destroy them. To overcome this situation, you need to zoom on the screen and focus on the specific goal. How many enemies can you destroy? Show off your talent now!
Your mouse to aim, space to zoom, left mouse click to fire.

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