Fleabag vs Mutt

Fleabag vs Mutt Game

Did you know that cats and dogs hate each other? They always try to beat the enemy. Do you want to participate in this fun battle? Jump into Fleabag vs Mutt and the King in their house. Before playing this game, you are free to choose 1 in 2 modes: 1 player and 2 players. With each model, you will have fun experiences and useful lessons in life. Here you will help a dog to throw the bones towards the cat and make the cat fall to the ground. Note that, this task is not easy because the bones can fly with no rules. Be careful because the cat will beat your dog in an easy way. Don’t forget that you will have a limited time and challenges in the friv 2018 game. Keep your eyes on the energy column on the screen and complete the task as soon as possible. What are you thinking? This chance is for you. Check it out right now!
Use your left mouse to play this game.

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