Fever For Speed

Fever For Speed Game

Fever For Speed is a wonderful 3D racing game in which you have to drive your car to pass all challenges and avoid opponent’s cars on the way. In each level, you should try your best to collect as many coins as possible and overcome barriers in the shortest time. Because coins will help you upgrade your power and buy many good accessories for the car. Interestingly, Fever For Speed not only helps you relax but also develops many your necessary skills such as rapid response, visibility and good strategy. Especially, one of the most successful points of Fever For Speed is eye-catching graphics. So, I believe that you will get many amazing moments in this game. Have a great time!

How to play Fever For Speed game

The players can use upwards narrow to go ahead, press both upwards and leftwards arrow to move left. Use upwards and rightwards arrow to move right. Good luck!

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