Fat Shark

Fat Shark Game

Fat Shark is one of the most fascinating hunting game in which you will simulates life in the lively ocean. As far as we know, sharks are the most ferocious and scary creature in the sea with a great hunting prowess. Come to this Fat Shark, you will be a part of the hunting crew with the shark. Try to eat as many fishes as you can and earn as many stars as possible. Fat Shark is a HTML5 game, so you can play it perfectly on the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It’s time for you to find foods for the starving shark. However, keep in mind that once he gets big, he will find it more difficult to dodge bombs and obstacles. In that case, do not forget that algae bonuses, starfishes and hourglasses may help. Let’s go collect them. Good luck!

Tap directly on the screen if you play on the mobile devices. Use the mouse to play if you play on the PC

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