Family Days

Family Days Game

Howdy! Welcome to Family Days! I’m your new friend Lil’ Darryl. Are you ready for some Farmtastic Fun? That’s a warm welcome of Family Days, a cool farming game which is developed by Plinga. Joining the game, you will play as a real farmer who knows not only about planting, harvesting, etc but also managing the farm. Let’s follow the instructions and you will know how to control everything. Farming is so much fun! Enjoy!

Click to harvest clover. Click to Feed the Cow. Click to collect milk. Caring for animals! Harvest Crops to feed animals, and collect animal products. Add milk, click to harvest Wheat. While we’re waiting for the Cheese, let’s harvest that Wheat to make some Wheat Flour! Put the Wheat into the Dutch Mill! Great! A sack of Wheat Flour is ready! Click it to collect.

How to play? Use the mouse to play the game.

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