Falling Balls V2.0 – Double Impact

Falling Balls V2.0 – Double Impact Game

Warning! This is a bloody game that contains violent content and graphics, Made by ToastedToastyToast.com & share by Friv 4. So, you should consider carefully before playing this game. Falling Balls V2.0 – Double Impact is a frightening game with painful images. Here, you will become a Stickman who is trapped in a room with a series of deadly traps. By all means, you must survive as long as possible in the game. To perform this task, you need to move skillfully, quickly and accurately to avoid being killed by deadly balls. You should keep in mind that these balls will constantly attack you, so you have to steer the Stickman continuously. Try your best to avoid hurting your character in this dangerous room. How long can you survive? All will depend on your skills and your observation. Why don’t try to play and give some comments about this game? Much fun!

You can use arrow keys to move in the game. Avoid the bouncing balls, try not to get pancaked for as long ass possible. At any point during the game press Q (or right click) to toggle quality, Press M to toggle music and N to toggle sound. Tip : Stay away from the sides and keep an eye on the shadows. Share this game with your friends right now!

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