Escape the Hell – First Blood

Escape the Hell – First Blood Game

Escape the Hell – First Blood is a terrified game with a lot of tragic incidents. In the game, you need to be ready to face the bloody scenes. The fact is that you will have a mission of rescuing elders of an Elven tribe from demons. And of course it’s not easy to do it at all. In fact, in order to rescue them, you and your friends will experience a lot of dangerous challenges which can make you really hurt and die. All you can do now is try your best to save the Elven elders with the least damages. And be safe after all. There are 30 stages in total for you to show off your skill in the game. You will just be able to unlock the next levels once you finish the current one. Use the mouse to aim. Hold the left mouse to gain power for the spring. Release the mouse to jump. Good luck!

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