Emojis in Space

Emojis in Space Game

Emojis in Space is an addictive game in which you will have to move the mouse to collect the crystals when you get started. After that, you should recognize your enemies to avoid them. You have to dodge them to survive because just touching an enemy can cause you die. Remember that you just have 3 lives to play the game. Try your best to get safe and reach the highest level. Don’t forget that you have to collect as many fruits as possible along the way to gain scores. My best strategy to play the game is moving around to avoid the enemies. In urgent situation, don’t forget that you can shoot the enemies to destroy them. There are 12 levels in total for you to challenge yourself. Get it now? Play and win!

How to play Emojis in Space game

How to play Emojis in Space game

Move the mouse to dodge emojis, collect falling items, click the mouse to shoot. Enemy books, basics: Happy to be here. They fall from the top.

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