Dynamons Evolution

Dynamons Evolution Game

Who wants to become a Dynamos Captain? Raise your hand and join Dynamons Evolution to explore many wonderful experiences in life. However, the world of Dynamon is very dangerous, so, you need to equip some necessary skills to protect yourself. Before starting this game, you can choose your player from 4 professional players on the screen. What is your mission? All you need is to connect the candies of the same color and complete the goal in each level. Unlike other connecting games, this game requires more skills such as memory, vision, connection skills and fast response in the game. To conquer this game, you just need to observe carefully, connect correctly and create many special candies to score the highest score in each level. One more thing, the more candies you connect, the more points you can get in the game. Share them with your friends!


The players use the mouse on the computer to connect candies in the match.

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