Death chase

Death chase Game

If a game like Dead Paradise 3 is not enough to make you satisfied with the kill shot, destroying everything on the move, Death Chase will be another better option. Death chase is Y8 Game that is one of the kind Unity 3D. It is a fairly heavy online game, not suitable for computer configuration is too weak. In this game, players can choose to play online via IDNET account or play Local Save.

About the content of the game Death chase looks like previous another car racing game that Friv4 shared with the game community. The player controls the high-speed cars, overcomes the dangerous obstacles, destroys all the obstacles ahead and collects lots of money along the way. You can use the money to upgrade each part of the car, after completing the race, earn enough stars you can unlock a new car and start the race with that new car, continue to upgrade. and fight. Note: Do not crash or crash too much or your car will be exploded and minused points.
To play this game, use Arrows to drive, Space to jump. Have lucky and finish all the races, get 3 stars for each stage . Please share pictures of the game, the results you get through the comment below.

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