Daily Ally Mobile

Daily Ally Mobile Game

Daily Ally Mobile is a good game for you to classify stuff in your room. Let’s put all items at its place to find your school books. Take notice at the time. Clean your room before the time is up and do not let your mother claim. There are 3 stages in total for you to enjoy the game. Use the mouse. Have fun!

Mom: Allyson! Wake up, honey! It’s morning already! You’ll be late if you’ll still in bed now!

Allyson: Oh, no! I’m gonna be late! And I still have to prepare my bag! Oh, look at this mess…How can I find my books?

Mom: I’m busy preparing your lunch box, Ally. You have to clean up your room first if you want to find your books!

Ally: Ah, I’m too lazy to clean it up. Too many things to do to clean up this place

Mom: It’s your fault you can’t keep your room clean every day! Now get up and get ready!

Ally: Oh, maan…Okey, Moom…I’ll start clean it up and get ready… I’ll just have to put all things to its place!

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