Cowboy Duel

Cowboy Duel Game

Do you want to be a cowboy? A man who is tall, big and has special abilities such as shooting, running, jumping and so on. If yes, congratulations because Cowboy Duel will be a perfect choice for you. What are you waiting for? Discover this exciting action game right now! Before starting this game, your first task is to build a cowboy character with a unique and eye-catching style. You can choose from accessories such as guns, shoes, handguns, towels, ammunition and some other products. Each product will have a fixed price, so you need to make a lot of money to buy all these products. The second task and also your last mission is to destroy all enemies on the battlefield. Earn money and upgrade modern guns to kill more enemies in one shot. Are you ready to challenge your shooting skills in this Friv2018 game? Good luck!


Shoot down the enemies with your left mouse in the game.

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