Classic Pacman

Classic Pacman Game

Classic Pacman is a really simple but wonderful game for sure. Your mission is to lead the little Pac-Man in various mazes without facing to face with the ghosts. If they catch you, you will lose a life. You have 5 lives in total. If you lose all of them, game’s over, then try your best next time. However, the most important thing is that you have to eat all the dots, do not miss any of them, to finish the current level and move to the next levels. Besides, make sure to eat 4 big yellow dots too, so you will have 4 chances to attack against the ghosts. Classic Pac-man is definitely a game that you will be addicted to. There are 7 levels and let’s see how far you will get! Have fun!

Controls key: You use “Arrow keys” to move around the maze.

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