Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling Game

Who loves bowling? Raise your hand! Today, I will introduce you to an attractive and interesting bowling game. Are you ready to play Classic Bowling and show off your talent? Here, you will control a model that is quite similar to the actual version. You will direct a player and throw the ball forward to affect the bowling on the road. To adjust the ball in the right direction and to affect as many bowling balls as possible, you need to watch carefully and adjust the force accordingly. Try your best to throw precisely at all bowling balls and complete quests in a single turn. In particular, this task is relatively hard, moreover, you do not have any time limits, so you do not need to act fast, watch closely and throw precisely at bowling balls. Don’t forget to use strong force because the distance between you and the bowling balls is quite far. Try it right now!

How to play?

The players can use the left arrow or the right arrow to move, the mouse or space to aim, use power or effect.

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