City of Death 2

City of Death 2 Game

City of Death 2 is an action Friv 2017 game in which you will receive a mission of going to a city and shoot down all the zombies presenting in the city! Use the weapons in your hand to shoot properly so that the zombies are defeated and unable to attack on you. After the nuclear war, humanity was completely destroyed, and everyone was killed by the D-virus into bloodthirsty zombies. Transforming into the only survivor in the world, you will have to fight all the zombies to survive. The weak zombies are the head, if you shoot correctly, it will only cost a single bullet. Also you have a destructive power to escape the siege of the enemy, of course you should only use when really necessary because that power is limited. Cars can crush into the zombies and cars are also your weapon. Maybe speed is an important factor for you to survive in this hell of death. Come join us in City of Death 2 and fight to bring peace back to our city.

There are some main features of the game:

  • Racing Action mode: Collect the oils to play Racing Action mode. Kill as many zombies at the same time with only one car. Upgrade 5 cars.
  • Over 40 weapons and 24 different types of armors. 18 kinds of weapons.

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