Circus Charlie Remake

Circus Charlie Remake Game

Welcome to the race of a clown – Charlie! Are you ready to conquer all challenges in Circus Charlie Remake – an interesting racing game for everyone? In this game, you will control a clown to overcome all the challenges on the road and score the highest score possible. Note that, you will have to overcome many challenges such as jumping over balls, flying through fire rings, running on a wire or controlling animals. To overcome these challenges, you need some basic skills such as observation skills, racing skills, dancing skills, and situations-handling skills. Be careful with the deadly traps on the road because you are so easy to fall to the ground. Try your best to conquer all the challenges and put your name on the Leaderboard. Hope that you will have an enjoyable time with your friends and family.

Play Circus Charlie Remake

How to play?

Press Enter to Join Game. The players can use arrow keys to move and control your character.

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