Cinema Panic 2 Game

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Date added : March 29, 2017 & This friv game has received 383 plays
Have you ever thought of taking a job as a cinema waiter/waitress? It’s not a bad idea to try once in real life and play online in Cinema Panic 2. You will do the same thing with the soda orders. Sometimes, you will get a very complicated order, too. Keep in mind that you have to serve quickly to satisfy your customers and get bonuses from them. Ready to be the best waitress/waiter ever?

How to play Cinema Panic game

Now let’s see what we have to do with this job? You can use the mouse to play the game. Okay, now let's wait for the first customer. Pay attention to this bar. If it drops down the customer will leave.
Take Order
Now tap the "Take order" button. Of you do it quick you will get a bonus. In the tray you can see the customer's order.
customers order
Be careful with the patience, if it goes down he will leave. Now tap the popcorn machine & let's wait until the popcorn is ready.
deliver the popcorn the customer
Good. Now tap the tray to deliver the popcorn the customer. The customer was very happy. Now tap the coin to collect the money. Good JOb !! And that's all you need to know. Now try attending other customer.

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