Catch the Crowns

Catch the Crowns Game

With Catch the Crowns, try your best to kill as many enemies as possible and collect three stars in each level. Interestingly, you can use them to upgrade your power in the game. With simple gameplay, I believe that you will laugh happily every time! Have fun!

How to play Catch the Crowns game

Use the mouse to interact with the computer. More left or right to point, and left click to fire on the Guards. Remember, you have a limited ammo supply, use it wisely. This coward has hidden behind the stone blocks. Throw the log over the sloping stone so it rolls towards the Guard, stopping his escape. Another cowardly dog ! Throw the rock without fear, it will break each wooden plank in its path.

Catch the Crowns

This sly Guard has surrounder himself with stone block and earth and we can’t reach him. He’s forgotten, though, that we have canons capable of firing powerful bombs that can detroy the blocks. Click on the canon to operate, then move the cursor to aim and set the force of your shot. Left click to fire.

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