Cars Traffic Control

Cars Traffic Control Game

Do you want to become a traffic police? This chance is for you. Jump into Cars Traffic Control and the work experience of a traffic controller right away. The setting of the game is located at an intersection with lots of traffic on the way. Here, traffic lights are broken and your task is to control these traffic lights to avoid causing accidents. You should remember that there are many means of transportation on the road and everyone wants to go fast and hate waiting. So you have to change the signal lights constantly to help the vehicles move in a safe way. This task is not too difficult because the speed of movement of the vehicles is quite slow, so you have more time to review and control them. How many levels can you pass? All will depend on your ability to observe and your intelligence in the Friv 4 free game. Play or regret?

How to play?

Control the vehicles with the mouse on the computer.

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