Carnival Mania Collection 2 Mobile

Carnival Mania Collection 2 Mobile Game

Carnival Mania Collection 2 Mobile is a great game for those who are finding a selection of funny games to kill the time. In the game, you will have a chance to go to a real carnival without going out. You can play the game freely on our site. To start the game, you have to decide to choose local save or online save. Before going to the carnival, you need money and ticket, right? Let’s take the daily spin to see how lucky you are. Try your best to get as many coins as possible and a lot of gifts as well. You will be given 3 times to play with the spin. Once you have money, let’s go to the carnival. There are 8 games for you to play in the carnival. Remember to spend money or gifts you get from the spin round to play those games. Have fun!

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