Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dream

Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dream Game

Car eats car 3 : Twisted Dream is a combination of racing and destruction games. Your task is not simple to finish the lap but also overcome obstacles, collect various objects and destroy enemy cars. Race across courses filled with bombs and enemies. You must destroy all the evil cars by using bombs and turbo, and collect red diamonds, surprise boxes, golden gifts which bring so many benefits to you. Do not miss any of them. There are a total of 20 levels available for you to play. You can only move to the next level after completing the current level. Escape the evil cars and reach the exit of each level safely. Are you ready for an amazing race?

Control Keys

You use keyboard to play. Press “Arrow keys” to drive, “X” to turbo, “Space bar” to drop bombs.

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