Candy Paw Catch

Candy Paw Catch Game

Candy Paw Catch is an interesting game in which you will have to accompany a bear to collect a lot of sweet candies without being caught or hit by dangerous obstacles. You and the baby bear have to move quickly to the position where the sweet candy falls and gather them again! For more details, you should know the story of the game. Bear Bradley lives in a magic forest and he has a lot of friends. Like all the bears, our hero is very fond of sweet tones and ready to absorb honey and a variety of candies.

Next to his home there is a magician, who also loves sweet. Near his home, he fell in love with deforestation and now is at a certain point from the sky falling to the ground falling candy. Our hero proznal about it and decided to sleep in the evening when a magician came up with a clearing and chocolate posobirat. We with you in Candy Paw Catch game will help him in this. Go to clearing, we will see how different parts of it appear sweet. We need to rush to them and collect them.

Unluckily, Glade patrol robot that if caught our hero will make him harm. So you need to look carefully at the screen and have their plan moved so it will not fall into the hands of the mechanical robots. You continue to cross the patrol position more will go. So you need to pay attention and be careful. The Candy Paw Catch game has an interesting storyline and we are sure you will taste it. Open Candy Paw Catch on our website you will spend the fun time helping our hero to collect delicious candy.

How to play Candy Paw Catch

Use the mouse to play on the PC. Touch the screen to play on the mobile devices.

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