Candy Monsters

Candy Monsters Game

Are you finding a simple online game not only interesting but also suitable for all ages? Welcome to Candy Monsters – the world full of sweetness. Your task in this game is basically to feed the monsters with the right color candies. This game is simple but sometimes quite tricky. At higher levels, there are a lot of monsters and these monsters can change position automatically so you should pay attention and make sure that they get the right color. Besides, be careful with the bombs in the “candy” rain, you have to quickly blow up these bombs in the air before they touch your monsters. Try to achieve the highest score and get 3 stars so you can go to the next stage.

How to play Candy Monsters game online

Use left mouse if you play it on the computer or your fingers if you play it in touch devices to move the candies and drop them into the right position.

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