Another popular multiplayer io game is Let’s take a look to see how interesting it is. All you have to do with Brutalio is that choosing a nickname that you like before starting the game. Now you should travel around the screen to attempt to eliminate your foes. How to do that? Use your tail which is really a spike ball. By throwing it from the long distance and take it back quickly, you will be able to absorb the energy of other players. That’s how Brutal io works and how you destroy other players as well as increase your size. The more energy you collect, the bigger you are. And of course, your main mission is to become the biggest player to winner the game. Keep in mind that you should destroy other players’ car with your fail! Click to throw fail! Click and hold to attract flail again! Grab energy to grow your flail. Use the mouse to do them all. You definitely try to play the game now!

More fun and more experience with & now! Click! Click! Click!

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