Bonkio Game

Bonkio is one of the most popular .io games. Its design and graphics are simple but interesting. You will be addicted to it right away after a few matches. Basically, what you need to do in this game is to try to kick your competitors off the screen as fast as you can before they attack you and be the last player standing. In this game, you freely customize your character – a ball and design your own map. The most amazing thing on Bonkio is that you can choose from tons of custom map and play with many people worldwide. One big tip for the beginner is to make your funny ball heavier to withstand big hits by pressing “X” key or just stand still to survive. Moving too much is not always a good method to win. A nice function of Bonkio is you can chat with other people while playing. So, you can make a lot of friends for sure. Have a great time here!

How to play Bonkio game.

You use the keyboard to control your ball. Use “Arrow keys” to move, “X” to make yourself heavier, “Enter” to chat with the other. To bounce the ball higher, press down on the way down, and up on the way up!

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