Bomb it 7

Bomb it 7 Game

If you are looking for a game that can remove all your stress. Bomb it 7 is the right one for you. Bomb it 7 is the latest season of a legendary flash game – Bomb it. What more do you expect from this amazing game? New maps? You have them right away. More powerful weapons? They are right here. New outfits? They are available for you. All are in Bomb it 7. Your task throughout the 7 seasons is to kill every enemy with your weapons – basically, bomb as fast as possible without being killed. If you have conquered 5 seasons of Bomb it, now, it’s time for you to finish the series all. Enjoy your time!

How to Play Bomb it 7 game online

Keyboard is what you need to play this game. If you are playing as the single player, please use “Arrow keys” to move, “Spacebar” to drop the bomb. If you are playing as two players, the first player use “W, A, S, D” keys to move, “Spacebar” to drop the bomb while the second one use “Arrow keys” to move, “Enter key” to drop the bomb.

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