Bomb it 5

Bomb it 5 Game

Easy play, easy win, and enough to relax, Bomb it 5 is what you’re looking for. Bomb it 5 is a Bomberman style game which has several levels for you to walk through. One interesting thing is you choose one character that you like among 8 ones before starting the game. All characters are really cute and lovely. Your mission is to drop bombs, trap your rivals and knock down them. Please do not walk into your own trap. Besides, on your way, you use bombs to blow up every barrier, then collect power and speed elements and so on to make you faster and stronger. In order to get the highest score and get 3 stars, you must complete each level as fast as you can. You can play by yourself with 1 player mode or play with your friend with 2 player mode. How awesome it is! Let’s start!

Controls Keys : You use the keyboard to play this game.

  • With 1 player mode, you use Up/Down/Left/Right to move and Space bar to drop bombs.
  • With 2 player mode, player 1 press keys W/A/S/D to move and Space bar to drop bombs. Player 2 use Up/Down/Left/Right to move and Enter to drop bombs.

It is a wonderful time to explore more with Bomb it 7.Have a great time!

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