Ben 10 Racing

Ben 10 Racing Game

For those who have a passion for speed, and car, obviously they can’t ignore Ben 10 racing – a racing game online with the beautiful 3D graphics. Ben 10 racing have 3 levels for you to choose from which are beginner, intermediate, and extreme expert. In addition, each level has 5 tracks to unlock. You only unlock a track if you complete the lap in time otherwise you lose. It can be a hard competition for you but you can unlock and get a new car with higher function. Are you ready to test your racing skills yet? Let’s start and conquer all levels now!

How to play Ben 10 Racing game

You can choose to use mouse or keyboard to control. In term of using mouse, you press left mouse button to accelerate and move your mouse to steer. On the other hand, you use arrow key UP to accelerate, DOWN to brake, LEFT/RIGHT to steer, if you use keyboard.

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