Bazooka and Monster

Bazooka and Monster Game

DESTROY !! DESTROY !! WIPING OUT strange aliens are invading & becoming heroes in the new action game Bazooka and Monster game. This game is not a fighting or shooting game, but you need to calculate intelligently to use a big gun to destroy monsters with the fewest amount of bullets and shots. The smart way is to use a bullet to destroy more than one monster by taking advantage of available obstacles like walls. Note: Monsters do not stand still, you do not kill them easily. To play the game, you take mouse to the location, point to shoot, watch the shot correctly, select the shot coordinates correctly to destroy the monster and receive the highest score is three stars. If you use too many shot turns, you will lose points and the number of stars decreases by one star. If you like games as this, do not leave the website because we have many games like it, such as Raft Wars 2 & Zomblaster. for example. Let us know the game interesting by star rating or your comment below. Thank you & have fun.

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