Bazooka and Monster 2 Halloween

Bazooka and Monster 2 Halloween Game

Great! Halloween is coming! Do you have a great plan for this holiday yet? If no, don’t worry too much because Bazooka and Monster 2 Halloween is here and ready for you to explore many wonderful things in life. This game has 18 levels, each level will be a new challenge, a new game for players. So you will not feel boring to conquer this game. In this game, your main task is to shoot down all the monsters on Halloween night and protect the magic pumpkins. In each level, you will have to destroy a certain number of beasts and win 3 stars. However, your task is not easy, you will encounter a fence automatically on the screen which will prevent you to shoot down the beast. Try to wait for proper muscle and shoot accurately at the enemy. Hurry up! The game is started! Good luck!
The players can use the mouse to shoot down enemies in the battle.

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