Batera Virtual

Batera Virtual Game

Are you a music lover and you want to become an artist? However, this can be difficult for you in the real world because you need talent, money and a production crew. There is a simple way for you to realize this dream at no cost. All you need is to join Batera Virtual and make it come true. A unique and interesting set of musical instruments was shown on the screen. Your biggest task is to create a unique song as your music style in life. Here you are a talented artist and you can compose any tune you like. How to compose? You just move your mouse over the icons on the screen to create sounds and combine them in a great way to create an impressive soundtrack in the Friv 2018 game. It is the time to show off your musical ability and has many enjoyable moments in life.
How to play?
You can move your mouse to create sounds or press some keys on the computer.

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