Arcuz 2

Arcuz 2 Game

The story of rescuing the world continues. Lord Zark has made a deal with an imprisoned devil of the Abyss immortality in exchange for the freedom to satisfy the hunger of power. The world is in danger. Let’s help the little hero save the world again in Arcuz 2. Arcuz 2 is an attractive action role – playing game in which you are a hero exploring the dungeon in the village Arcuz where the real adventure begins. You’ll follow the instruction and perform some tasks for the villagers, upgrade your attributes, learn new abilities and equip yourself with better weapons. Let’s take a deep breath and start to fight the evil creatures to save the world. Have a great time!

How to play Arcuz 2 game

You use 4 keys of W, A, S, D to move around, K to jump, U/I/O/L to use skills, J to attack, Q to switch skill, and Space to investigate and talk. Besides, you press 3 numbers of 1, 2, 3 to use potions/town portals, C for Characters, B for Inventory, V for Skills, N for Quest, and M for Map.

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