Age of Defense 3

Age of Defense 3 Game

You love action games. Obviously, you will not be able to skip Age of Defense 3 – a free action game including 40 levels in 8 ages. You will play a role as a warrior equipped with 3 kinds of weapons: Thrown Object, Arrow, and Gun. Depending on which weapon you equip, the red bar shows how much ammo you have, or how much power you’ll pump into that throw while the blue bar gives you special effects on your weapons such as fire, poison, explode and light. With flexible switch between the weapons and the help of powerful spell, you will defeat every enemy approaching your home. Each age owns different spells. Are you ready to protect your home-base against the attack of enemies in Age of Defense 3 yet. You may regret if you don’t try to play Battle for the Galaxy & Age of Defense 8. Many wonderful things are waiting for you ! Let’s start!

How to play Age of Defense game

Hold mouse to increase throw power, then release it to throw a thrown object. Press mouse to shoot arrows and guns. Press 1 to use primary weapons. Press 2 to use secondary weapons. Press Space Bar to cast special weapons. Press P to pause.

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