4th and Goal 2012

4th and Goal 2012 Game

If you’re a loyal fan of soccer, definitely you will not miss any match of your favorite team. Now, you can lead your own team by playing 4th and Goal 2012 – one part of American football game. 4th and Goal 2012 is a sports game which includes 2 modes for you to choose from: Championship Game – one game for the title or Playoff Tournament – single elimination payoff season.

 Game Screenshots

At this game, you will have a chance to show all your skills of playing football in leading the ball, defending, and scoring. Can you lead your team to victory in both of playoff tournament and a championship? Choose your team, show your skill and get your victory!

How to play 4th and Goal 2012 game

All the movements will be performed on the keyboard. You need to keep in mind these following essential keys which are: space bar for snapping the ball, spinning moves while running, and for big hitting on defense, arrow keys for running with the ball or playing defense, 3 keys of A, S, D for passing the ball on defense, and one new for 2012 version – W for boosting the speed.

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